Security policy relations between the store, the buyer and third parties.

The administration of the online shop guarantees the full confidentiality of information received from registered users.

All information You provide during registration will be stored in a secure database. The online store guarantees complete confidentiality in the performance of the order, and that customer information will only be used for the execution of the order.

Your registration data, we need only to our managers could contact You on the phone and delivery service able to deliver the ordered goods at the right place in time.

In addition, by signing up, You will be able to get information about all news of our shop: new arrivals of goods, sales, special programs.

If You have any problems or questions about the authorization check in the store - write on e-mail address and we will always help You!

Representatives of the online store will never ask You for credit card details or other sensitive details.

General provisions:

1. Some of the objects posted on the site are the intellectual property of the online store. The use of such facilities established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. On the website of the online store has links that go to other sites. Online store is not responsible for the information published on these sites and provides links to them only in telehomecare amenities for visitors of your site.

Personal information and security:

1. The online shop guarantees that all information You provide will never, under any circumstances be disclosed to third parties except for the cases stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. In certain circumstances, the online store may ask you to Vistaregistryrepair and provide personal information. The information provided is used exclusively when processing order in the online shop or to provide visitor access to specific information.

4. To provide You with information specific kind of online store with Your explicit consent may be sent to the specified registration email address informational messages. At any time You can refuse it.

5. Like many other websites, the online store uses technology, with help of which he set to work personally with You. In particular, without this technology can not work with a basket.

6. The information on this site are purely informative, they can be made any changes without any prior notice.

7. You hereby consent to the use by Seller or an authorized person of the Seller Your personal data for the purposes specified by the Charter of the Seller in various ways, including through the implementation of automated analysis of personal data, as well as their transmission in different ways, without restriction of validity period. In accordance with paragraph 5 of article 21 of the Federal law 'On personal data' this consent may be revoked only upon written notice at least 5 calendar days before the intended date of cessation of use of personal data. The procedure of personal data processing: the processing of personal data takes place within days after ordering.

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